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Choose the Right Photos to Create Captivating Designs

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Pictures can make or break a creative. Here is how you can click or select the right images to make your content visually compelling.

Pictures are one of the key elements in designing. Knowledge about shot types, purpose, emotions, quality and stocking can help you convey the intended message to the target audience effectively.

The right photograph can create a ‘charm’ and provide a deeper meaning to the copy. Keep the following hacks in mind, while selecting or clicking pictures to enhance your content.

Shot types

Shot types are an important part of videography, but implementing the same knowledge in photography too can make a remarkable difference. As long as the subjects are well-lit, the photographs can be taken against white, grey and dark backgrounds or even in the natural backdrop that surrounds them. A designer would be able to place, edit and ensure that the picture goes with the overall design flow.


You don’t have to be an expert to understand whether an image is good or bad. Poor images are generally pixelated, blurry or grainy. Images should be of high resolution to make that first impression count.


It is important to know the purpose and relevance of the photographs in your creatives. Using random images to fill up space will not only make it look chaotic but leave doubts in the viewer’s mind about your brand or product.

Human emotions

Human emotions captured through a photograph helps to convey your message and evoke viewers’ memories associated with it. Always think about the emotions your audience would feel through your creatives.

Photo bank

Another way to stand out is to generate original pictures for your brand. It brings in the newness and a sense of realism to the overall look and feel of the creative. With a clear idea and concept - investing in a photoshoot is bound to enhance your branding strategy. Create your own photo bank and use them later while designing. If not, get access to stock photo providers like Shutterstock, Pixabay, Unsplash, etc.

There is just so much you can do to boost your business! We know it can be overwhelming. But hey, we are experts at breaking down complex concepts into easily comprehensible content. So keep calm and follow our blogs!

We practice what we preach! Reach out to us to avail our services.

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