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Musically speaking…

At the Den, we asked our founders to pick one song that they have a personal connection with, which also keeps them going at the workplace. Here's what they shared!

If there's one thing that makes everything better, it is music. Wouldn't our lives be so much more interesting if we had background music of our choices to it?

While we may not fulfil that wish, we can be grateful for having songs that we can always turn to when the going gets tough or you simply need a boost of energy.

At the Den, we asked our founders to pick one song (a challenging task, we know!) that they have a personal connection with, which also keeps them going at the workplace, when things get overwhelming. Here's what they shared!

Nada nada by Avial

“Avial, the acclaimed 2003 Indian alternative rock band from Trivandrum, Kerala was my introduction to the world of rock, metal and more. I cannot help but sing along and groove to their single Nada Nada, with its brilliant blend of Malayalam folk and rock, even now, after listening to it for a million times perhaps. Never does it fail to lift my spirits and recreate the energy of the good old times.” – Keerthana B, Content Head

Here comes the sun by The Beatles

“It’s the simplicity of the song that calms me when I have a lot going on. Also, The Beatles was one of my parents' favourite bands, so I grew up listening to their songs and that’s how it always makes me nostalgic. The song is attached to a lot of good memories and never fails to warm my heart.” – Takuangla Jamir, Operations Head

Thriller by Michael Jackson

“It is quite an odd selection for an uplifting genre, yes, but that’s where the dopamine kicks in. I can go on for hours listening to this one. The lyrics are indeed scary, but it gives me the push to move on with the day and to battle my abstract, absurd thoughts.” – Harini Shibaraya, Digital Content Head

Fix You by Coldplay

“Fix You is about consoling someone you love. The band never really spoke about what prompted them to compose the song, which allows fans to relate the song to their own struggles. It speaks about loss/letting go, or when one is down/lost, the song says, ‘Lights will guide you home,’ which, to me, means good souls will heal one back to health.” – Nikita Mehta, Design Head

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

“‘Keep on moving, keep climbing, Keep the's all about the climb’, I vividly recall how this song helped me in one of the most difficult times of my life; to keep my hope and faith alive and to never give up on my dream. It taught me that patience will win one day and I will have to just keep going until I reach my goal. I loved how motivating this song is and every time I listen it gives me the same feeling.” – Rucilli Leimapokpam, Social Media Head

Music is like that good friend; sometimes it can put a lot in perspective when we're lost and sometimes, when all we need is a distraction, music presents itself to us as an instant mood lifter. What's that one song that keeps you company no matter what the situation is? We'd love to know!

There is just so much you can do to boost your business! We know it can be overwhelming. But hey, we are experts at breaking down complex concepts into easily comprehensible content. So keep calm and follow our blogs!

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