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On your marks, get set, go social media marketer!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Social media is a fun place, but marketing on social media is not all that fun most of the time. There's always too much going on too fast. But with team Liden's insights, you can confidently take the reins!

People feel social media marketing is cool. The name has a ring to it and it's easy to imagine that the work only entails all the fun, trendy things that they see on social media. Some might even boldly assume there’s no “real work” happening!

But the kind of nerve-racking moments we undergo and the unrealistic demands we try to meet (and make meme-worthy content out of) are struggles only social media marketers would understand.

If you are one such professional new to social media marketing and are looking for ways to get a grip on things, here are some helpful insights from team Liden’s cut-and-try journey.

What could be that one mantra every social media marketer should keep in their mind?

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world; more so on social media. Always be on your toes for new updates and learn to improvise, adapt and overcome!” says our Social Media Marketing Head Rucilli Leimapokpam.

She adds, “Not all the tips on the internet are key answers to the problems or challenges we face. As a social media marketer, we have to be patient, open to experiments, and willing to undergo the trial and error process.”

  • Be simple, engaging, and entertaining

When you make a checklist to prepare strategy or content for social media, make sure these appear on top. No matter who the client is, what the product or service is, what their brand values are, or their personality is – keep it simple, engaging, and entertaining to connect the best with the audience.

  • Hop on the trend but be unique

Reels, challenges, memes – there are many ways to get your content viral. But just because you’re presented with these easy opportunities, don’t get lazy and follow the crowd blindly. Keep up with the trend, but always add something unique, something relevant to your brand.

  • Select and focus on social media platforms

Social media is vast and there are multiple platforms. But don’t try to be everywhere doing everything all the time. Understand your client, their nature of work, requirements, who their target audience is, and then pick and choose platforms that work best for them.

  • No ideas belong to the trash

There is no right or wrong strategy. Even what you deem as the silliest of strategies might work wonders for the brand. The trick is not to be too hard on yourself or judgemental in general. Be bold and try everything out. If a particular strategy doesn't work out, try to reinvent it at some other time.

What sells like hotcakes on social media these days are the podcasts, videos and such digital content. And there’s a knack to tailoring such content for social media. In our next blog, we’re speaking more on it! Stay tuned!

There is just so much you can do to boost your business! We know it can be overwhelming. But hey, we are experts at breaking down complex concepts into easily comprehensible content. So keep calm and follow our blogs!

We practise what we preach! Reach out to us at to avail our services.

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Amanda Creuwz
Amanda Creuwz
Mar 17

It seems to me that the most important approach in social marketing is consistency. And at a distance, you will still be able to get results by making efforts. And as for me, it's really possible to do this with the advent of tik tok and YouTube shorts. You can make cool videos using free movie maker, as well as optimizing tags. Youtube itself will start to raise your videos in the recommendations.

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