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Things every aspiring (and confused) video creator needs to know!

Given how popular and important videos have become, it can be quite overwhelming for aspiring video creators to gain ground. Don’t have a good tripod? Struggling to find inspiration? Need some tips on aesthetics? Here’s what our Digital Content Head has up her sleeve.

Log into any social media platform. What format of content do you see the most? Undoubtedly, videos. Be it on Instagram stories, reels or as independent posts. Be it live streaming, promos or deals, product videos or behind-the-scenes. You cannot deny the fact that videos are currently ruling the roost on the internet. We bet you’d have been more engrossed if we were telling you all this over a video instead of a blog, isn’t it?

According, InVideo, the popular online video editor, “In 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption, and 9 out of 10 viewers said that they wanted to see more videos from brands and businesses.”

Given how popular and important videos have become, it can be quite overwhelming for aspiring video creators to gain ground. Worry not, our Digital Content Head has some quick tips just for you!

  • Learn online and offline, from past and present

Keep yourself updated with not just current but also past online trends in video making styles, voiceovers and more. Current trends keep you on a roll while past trends provide helpful insights. Offline learning is mindfully observing things around you - be it a sound, visual or story - and skillfully incorporating it into your video to make it unique.

  • Track the hacks

Try out every hack there is, to overcome challenges and make your work simpler and faster. Don't have a tripod? Go for a clean glass table/panel or plastic panel to make overhead videos. Keep websites or apps handy if you’re unexpectedly required to make changes.

  • Have the aesthetics in place

Good music that elevates the mood can make all the difference! Hone your skills in finding the right music and keeping a diverse playlist ready. Keep your text minimum and bold to have the basics of text placement right.

  • Understand the social media tool really well

If you understand the interface of a social media website or app, it gets easier to create content. You can make Instagram stories spontaneous, fun and creative if you understand its features or tools like drawing, GIFs, music, etc.

Talking about Instagram stories, did you know about the massive potential Instagram stories or stories on social media in general wield? Stay tuned! In our next blog, we’ll tell you how Instagram stories can be a gamechanger for your brand.

There is just so much you can do to boost your business! We know it can be overwhelming. But hey, we are experts at breaking down complex concepts into easily comprehensible content. So keep calm and follow our blogs!

We practise what we preach! Reach out to us at to avail our services

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17 jan.

Videos have become incredibly popular and important, dominating social media platforms and capturing the attention of viewers. In fact, research shows that consumers are increasing their online video consumption, making it critical for brands and businesses to create more videos.

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